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Overview Services for individual/couple/family


Trauma : childhood abuse/sexual abuse/verbal physical abuse




Anxiety/panic attacks/phobia/OCD

Eating disorder/food struggle/weight loss struggle

Sleep difficulty                                                                     

Workplace issues: relations/return to work                               

Family & Marriage conflicts                                                         

Suicide intervention                                                                     

Behaviour problems for young children                           

Parenting challenges                                                        


Chronic illness/pain  




More specific details of services provided:

Family Issues : children and families/couples


-          blended families difficulties  e.g. parenting step-children

-          marital/couple relationships

-          parent and child/teenager conflicts

-          parenting effectively

-          sibling rivalry

-          children behavioural problems - ADHD, sensory processing, anxiety

-          children issues - bed wetting, fear of eating

-          managing family financial stress

-          separation/divorce

-          extramarital issues - how to repair the marriage

-          sexuality - lack of intimacy

-          spousal substance/alcohol use

-          violence - physical/verbal/psychological

-          difficulty trusting


Individual :

During treatment of a families and couples, individual work may sometimes become necessary. 


-          stress- work/home

-          anxiety - constantly worry about everything ;  

                      - phobia: fear of specific thing such as afraid of driving, fire, wind, swallowing food, etc; 

                      - obsessive compulsive behaviour: counting, checking door is locked repeatedly, etc

                      - panic attack

-           Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - experienced trauma from :

                                                                 - car accident ;

                                                                -  sudden death of loved ones ;

                                                                - assault and others

-          feeling depressed

-          anger/rage

-          Bipolar, Psychosis

-          eating disorder/food addiction/eating problems/food power struggle

-          self esteem/self-image

-          sexual abuse

-          relational issues

-          frequent nightmares/stomachache/headache

-          bedwetting



We all carry past experiences with us and some of these experiences may have adverse effects on how we function today.  It is never too late to obtain treatment and start living a fulfilling life.   

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