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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) 


Imagery technique                                                                                           

Family systems/structural therapy



Play therapy

Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Body /somatic psychotherapy

Emotion Freedom Technique

One-Eye Integration

Gottman  Couple Therapy

Body/somatic psychotherapy is a somatic approach that is mindful and non-directive, self-cleansing, it effectively shortens a psychological treatment process.  Self-Cleansing is a natural process of regulating voluntary movements of the body.  A technique that activates the regulation of the nervous system.  During the mindful process  the body becomes aware of blockages, physical sensations and the blockages diminish during the regulation.  The physical blockages are psychological residues that we carry in our body as we experience life in various forms since early childhood over the years growing up and through out adulthood.  Individuals with trauma from car accident; past sexual abuse issue; childhood abuse; attachment issue; eating disorder, addiction, just to name a few, had benefited from this natural self regulating process.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing) is an effective therapy for trauma related issues.   Trauma experiences are captured and stored in our memory, this memory often affects one's well being.   When the memory is retrieved, reaction is activated physiologically and emotionally.  The effect is like looking at a disturbing photograph that reminds something bad happened in the past.  During the EMDR therapeutic process, while the traumatic memory is retrieved, the eye movement allows the brain to desensitize fear and reprocess traumatic information stored.   It is not uncommon to notice an instant shift of thoughts, feelings and body sensation during the process of desensitizing and reprocessing. 

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