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Effective Trauma Treatment

Exposure Therapy

$150 plus GST for an hour session, payment by etransfer, cash or cheque

Video call or in person


Contact Grace Yong

"I started doing psychotherapy since 2004 and I created a unique approach that is integrated and simple to apply but effective. I want to share my skills, experience and knowledge with anybody in the same or similar field. "


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A Week Long Trauma Treatment

This is an intensive trauma treatment week for individuals who seek help in putting the past behind by processing the memory, thoughts and emotions.

Trauma experiences such as childhood abuse, sexual abuse, witnessed violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, parental abuse, spousal abuse (sexual, mental and physical), rape, abandonment, something shocking happened and stuck with you for years and life is affected, etc

The program:

Option 1

5 days of one hour session (Monday through Friday)

$750 plus 5% GST

Option 2

2 hours a day (10:00 am -12:00 pm  or 1:00 pm  to 3:00 pm) 

5 days a week Monday through Friday

$1500 plus 5% GST

Video call or in person sessions

An individual assessment session will be done prior to this intensive program to determine the suitability of the treatment goals


You must be ready to receive therapy

You want to let go the past and move on with your life

You are open to the treatment approach and process

Contact 604-855-4326 or email for booking and payment

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