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Stress, Anger, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Addictions, Couple Conflicts, Parent-child Conflicts, Children Behavioural Problems, Eating Disorder/food power struggle


You are tired of constantly feeling anxious and depressed. You complain about chronic pain. You feel confused and helpless - suspecting past abuse issues. You struggle to control your anger and you feel bad about losing your temper. You feel stressed at work dealing with unfair treatment and at home dealing with children for not listening and spouse for not being understanding. You repeatedly get into unfulfilling relationships and feel trapped. You try to quit your addictions such as smoking, gambling, alcohol and drugs, or bad habits but relapse repeatedly. You feel insecure and jealous of your loved ones even though you know you should not.  


You are looking for an answer - you want to know why things happen the way they are. You are looking for a helping hand to get out of your stuck situation.  You want someone to listen to your stories without judging you.  You are looking for direction because you feel confused and lost.  You want to feel happy and whole.  You want to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.


How I Can Help You

As a therapist, I listen to your stories, it is a way for me to gather pieces of information and put them together like a puzzle.  This puzzle is an useful instrument for a better understanding of the situation you are in.  As a therapist, I help you to sort out your thoughts; to recognize your needs; guide you to make the right decision; give you feedback and to support you staying on the right track for a positive change and maintain a positive change.  

----  Grace Yong, MA, RCC, RMFT

Located at

2767 Silvertree Court

Abbotsford, British Columbia,     V2S 5N6 Canada


Tel: 604-855-4326

Text: 778-551-1660

Sustain Optimum Wellness
Eating disorder
Weight loss difficulty
Sleep difficulty
Anxiety/panic attacks/phobia
Couple relationship
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